Tuesday, April 12, 2011

30 Day Challenge 2 : Day 9

A job you've had

I've had a lot of jobs - student, baby sitter, hostess, busser, server, RA, Counselor, cheer coach, wife and mom. The job that best prepared me for what I do now would be the jobs I had at Purdue. While there, I was an RA. Now, being an RA was no easy job. You were on duty 4 nights a week (7p-7a). While on duty, you had to do rounds. You also had to do programs for your floor on a variety of topics. You were compensated with room, board, and tuition (which they have since taken away the tuition) and you made $75 a month. It was a good job and the only reason I was at Purdue for as long as I was.
After a year of being an RA, I was promoted to Staff Resident. With this, you were still on duty 4 nights a week, but when you were on duty, you were in charge of the whole hall. So, 911 was called, so were you. I did this for 3 years.
Over the summers, I ran the summer camps for our hall. It gave me a job for the summer, decent money, and a chance to do something a little different.
I learned a lot from my time at Purdue, and got to wear many hats. I acted at the Residential Life Manager on a couple different occasions, which allowed me to see a different side of hall life. It was a great 4 years and I met some amazing amazing people.

Rock climbing with some of my residents

With Kelly, my fellow Staff Resident

Our 2nd year as staff residents RA staff

The bathroom flood of 04

My staff the last year I was there