Wednesday, April 6, 2011

30 Day Challenge 2 : Day 3

Your first love

I'm not going with a person here. When I think back to what I first loved, and still do, I think of music. I love music - listening to it and playing it. I was in choir, but I'm not  a great singer. Doesn't stop me from singing in the car though. I played handbells at church and I liked that, but it's not all that cool. In 6th grade, I started playing the flute and I loved it. My mom used to say I sounded like a dying cat, but I would remind her that God said to make a joyful noise, not a pretty one. I got better. :) I loved playing and continued to play through my first year of college. I still have my flute, but life gets busy and I haven't had much time to play the past few years. Maybe this will get me to pull it back out again.

I don't have a picture easily accessible of myself with my flute, but here is a puture of myself and my section the first year that I did marching band. "One time, at band camp..."