Wednesday, April 13, 2011

30 Day Callenge 2 : Day 10

Something you're afraid of

I have fears. More than any one person should have. Some irrational, some normal.

I'm terrified of severe weather. Indiana probably isn't the state to live in for that. I am that person who has the weather radio and bags packed in our safe spot for the "just in case". I have dog food, water, tooth brushes, tooth paste, spare clothes, underwear, diapers, shoes...I don't want to be the family they interview on the news in their PJ's and stinky breath. I think the news crews would enjoy minty fresh breath. And who wants to wear dirty underwear? I have never needed my bags, so I figure as long as they are packed, I never will.
This storm was the day we brought David home from the hospital. It resulted in a tornado warning for our area.

Spiders are creepy little creatures that I wish were not around. I know that they eat bugs, blah, blah, but do they have to look so yucky? We had a couple wolfe spiders in our house last year. One was behind David's crib! I sat and watched another one that was in the sliding door track for well over an hour to make sure it didn't go anywhere until Nate got home to get it out. I don't have any pictures because I won't get close enough to take a picture of one.

Heights. I just don't understand why anyone needs to be up that high. I don't like them - I even dislike bridges that I have to cross. Nate likes to cross them. When we went to Canada, we had crossed the Mackinac Bridge. When we camped around MI the following summer he made me cross it, twice, just for fun.

This was in TN. Please note the not so sturdy bridge that had a weight limit on it and the rushing waters underneath. What you can't see is the waterfall that is just beyond the frame. In order to get to the side of the park we wanted to go to, we thought we had to cross the bridge. Nope, we could have driven around.  I had nightmares for weeks about this.