Monday, April 25, 2011

30 Day Challenge 2 : Day 22

What's in your purse?

I hate carrying a purse. Until just a few years ago I didn't carry one. I used to have a small purse with just  a few things in it, but that has grown with a child. So, I upgraded.

Here is what is currently in my purse:
1. My wallet. My old purse matched the wallet. Love that pattern.
2. Make-up bag full of cars. David picked the bag out and he knows that they are in my purse all of the time.
3. Make-up bag with chapstick, lip gloss, floss (for Nate), hand sanitizer, lotion, and a hair tie.
4. A brush - I have a lot of hair.
5. My phone
6. Gum
Not pictured: my iPod (used to take the photo), diaper and wipes