Sunday, April 24, 2011

30 Day Challenge 2 : Day 21


For years, my goal was to graduate from college with a degree I could do something with. I'm not the Pharmacist that I started out to be, but School Counselors are cool, so I decided that I  reached that goal and needed  a new one.
My next goal was to find a good job that I loved. I cried when I got my first job in Batesville, IN. I did not want to go, but it was the only offer I had, and I needed a job, so I went. I knew that this was not the good job that I loved, so I started looking after my first year. After my second year, I landed a job for Hamilton Southeastern Schools. A year in, I knew that this was my good job that I loved. Time for a new goal.
Now I needed to find my soul mate. Thank God for the world wide web! I met some real, um..."winners" before I met Nate. One didn't socialize with people unless he was playing video games, one still lived with his mother at 33 and was shorter than me (I'm a whopping 5'3''). One just gave me the creeps. By the time I winked at Nate on Match (yes, I winked first), I wasn't sure this dating thing was for me. I didn't give him my number for 2 months, but when we met, I knew that I had found my soul mate. Goal accomplished on 3/8/2008 when we were married.
New goal, and my current goal - raise a happy family. That's it. I don't strive to be some big wig who will change the world. I don't need fame and money. I just need a happy family. It's not measurable, no one will be able to tell me when or if I meet my goal, but I will know. If I can see my two guys smile every day, I know that I am working towards my goal. Being a mom and a wife can be a thankless job, (For that matter, so can a School Counselor), but as long as I'm happy and I can see my happy family, that is all I need in life.