Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Photo Challenge : Day 30

A picture of someone you miss

I'm cheating on this one and posting more than one picture, and since it's the last day of the challenge, I say that I can.

I miss college - not college itself, but how easy it was to stay in contact with people before we all grew up and became adults. I was an RA in a hall on campus. I met so many wonderful people with the position that I was so lucky to have. We got free room and board and tuition paid for - you don't get that anymore though. Of course you were on duty 4 nights a week (from 7p-7a), so you spent a lot of time in the hall with the people you worked with. It was so easy to walk to each others rooms. We usually ate at least 1 meal a day together. I'm still in contact with some, but we live all over the place, so we don't see each other.

My first year as an RA with some of my residents (and sisters) rock climbing.

Kelly and I. She was the other staff resident with me for 2 years.

Jessica and Lesley (Kelly's sister) on out Canada road trip

Some of the staff the year after Kelly graduated and we went co-ed.