Monday, December 9, 2013

Day 9: Delight

Oh how my children DELIGHT in so many things. To see the world through their eyes would be amazing.

To feel the excitement that they do in things that I have long forgotten about. I didn't know the eyes of my sweet babes could get as big as they have in the past weeks.

"Mom! Hurry. I need to hear the North Pole report!"
"Mom, can you believe it?! The hot coco machine went haywire! We have to let daddy hear it too!"

"AAAA" heard by all from Molley at the end of every Christmas song

"Mom, did you know that those red buckets help kids get food....and toys. Kids need toys. They don't help kids who are sick though, I do that when I ride my bike. Mom....can I put some money in the bucket?" (He did a Trike-A-Thon a few months ago.)

"Mom! Can I open the envelope tonight?! referring to our Advent calendar

"Did you know baby Jesus' birthday is almost here?"

"Where did Bury go? Let's find him!"

"AAAAA" heard by all, again from Molley, when the tree is turned on

"Mom, do you think Santa will think our tree is perfect. I think it's perfect mom."

Yes, sweetie, I can guarantee that Santa will love our tree as much as you.