Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Day 17: Free

Nothing is FREE at Christmas, at least that is what I think everytime I walk into a store to feed our banana habit in our house. 

What I have learnedis FREE all year long are the smiles I get when my kids do something cute, or I am trying to explain to them something in the store and someone overhears. I love the smiles I get then. Makes me feel normal for explaining the most random things in public. Such as the following...

"Mom, why would anyone want to wear that?" said near the bra department next to an older woman in Target
"Well honey, they are for girls only, so you won't need to worry about wearing one."
"Why mom?"
"Because girls need them and boys don't"
"Why mom?"
"Mom, why do only girls need then? Is like why I have a peepee door and you don't?" (said much louder)
Giggling from the woman, and a big smile

I love those FREE smiles.