Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Day 4 : Time

7:00 pm - the TIME of my first date with Nate
6:30(ish) pm - the TIME Nate proposed
1:30 pm - the TIME of our wedding
8:25 am - the TIME David was born
4:44 pm - the TIME Molley was born

TIME seems to pass by so quickly. Blink, and you've missed something.

Christmas comes and go so quickly, and then we're off to worry about or prepare for the next  big thing. I want to use my TIME wisely this year - spend time with family and friends, teach my children what is important about the season. I don't need to spend so much TIME on finding the perfect gifts, or the prefect decorations. That is not what it is all about.

I need to spend TIME this season remembering what blessings I have surrounding me and what a blessing I have in my faith.