Thursday, December 19, 2013

Day 19: Patient/Patience

"Lord, grant me the PATIENCE to deal with my blessings"

I recently saw this quote and thought YES! I need this for my house.

I am not always a PATIENT person. I'm the one who would open Christmas presents early to see what I was getting and then rewrap them. I know my mom knew what I was doing, but she never said anything.

Sometimes I'm not all that PATIENT with my children either. When I'm trying to cook and they are begging, a louder voice comes out. When all I want to do is go to the bathroom alone and 4 little feet follow me in, I want to scream.

When those things happen, I remember that times flies so fast and in a blink they'll be adults. Then I'll look back on these times and laugh. I'm sure that my parents still see us girls like this instead of moms with kids of our own.