Sunday, December 1, 2013

Advent Countdown

Last year I did the 25 days of Christmas countdown. I posted a picture a day to help countdown to Christmas. I enjoyed doing it. It helped me to stay in the holiday spirit. This year I wanted to do the same thing, but spend more time focused on Christ. A friend of mine posted this list on Facebook, and I decided to try this one. It comes from I like that each day I'll get to take a picture (or write) about the word and focus on the true meaning of Christmas.

1: Go
2: Bound
3: Peace
4: Time
5: Flood
6: Awake
7: Ready
8: Wisdom
9: Delight
10: Holy
11: Steady/Steadfast
12: Hope
13: Justice
14: Gather
15: Rejoice
16: Strong
17: Free
18: Mercy
19: Patient/Patience
20: Good News
21: Prophet
22: Sign
23: Neighbors
24: Joy
25: Light