Saturday, December 21, 2013

Day 21: Prophet

What is a PROPHET? Someone who has claimed to be contacted by the supernatural or devine, according to Wikipedia.            

This time of year, we hear a lot about the PROPHET Isaiah. Over 800yrs before Jesus' birth, Isaiah proclaimed that a new king would be born, and he would be a "wonderful counselor" and the "prince of peace." Isaiah spoke many times about mercy, compassion, love, and kindness.

I don't know any true PROPHETS today, but I know of oh so many people who speak of mercy, compassion, love, and kindness. These people inspire me. They challenge me. They make me a better me. They constantly put other people first and themselves last. They speak good words of all people.

We are all born knowing nothing but good and innocence. Then we grow up. I want my children to be like Isaiah. I want them to know good, speak kindly, and act compassionately. I want them to be able to love everyone equally, and treat all with the same kindness they want to be treated with. I want my children to always remember the gold rule, and of course to remember that mommy is always right. :)