Monday, December 2, 2013

Day 2 - Bound

Merry Christmas...
Merry X-Mas...
Happy Holidays...
Enjoy your winter break?

Over the years the way in which we share holiday greetings has changed. Sometimes I feel so BOUND to be politically correct, that even I can sometimes forget why I celebrate Christmas.

Mary, Joseph, the shepards, and the wise men felt BOUND to hide their great joy for fear of persecution. The felt BOUND to move forward to new lands until that threat had passed. They felt BOUND to keep their secret.

I wonder what it was like for Mary when the angel came to her. Did she feel BOUND to tell no one her joyous news? What about Joseph? Their parents?
This Christmas season, I don't want to feel BOUND to keep any secrets.  Lets feel BOUND to share our joy, our blessings, our love.