Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Treats

After making David's birthday treats, seen here, I have decided that I am in love with how easy it is to use cookies and chocolate to make adorable chocolate covered cookies. For Halloween, I decided to make some treats for David's class. I think they turned out spooktacular!!

Now, some helpful hints for you. Melt your chocolate in the microwave foe 30 seconds at a time on 50% power. If you over heat your chocolate, it will smell and taste funny.

Don't use gel frosting like I did this time. Transport is much harder as the gel will stick to anything, including the wax paper that you try to cover them in.

I had intended to put sticks in these, but to do so, I think you need double stuffed. When I used a pop sickle stick in these, it broke the cookies.

Eyeball Cookies

To make the eyeballs, I dipped a golden Oreo in white dipping chocolate. 1 bag will easily make 20-25 cookies. I added a gummy saver before the chocolate set to make the iris, and a mini chocolate chip to make the pupil. 

Frankenstein Cookies

To make these, I used the Halloween spooky green melting chocolate by Wilton. You will need 1 bag for each 15 cookies you want to make. I again used golden Oreo's. Before the chocolate sets, use black sprinkles (or decorating sugar) to make some hair. Chocolate chips make great screws, and mini chocolate chips make great eyes. I use black gel icing to make the mouth, but is if I make them again, I will use chocolate in an icing bag.

Pumpkin Cookies

Again using golden oreo's, dip them in orange dipping chocolate. Like the green, you will need 1 bag per 15 cookies. I used black gel icing, but next time would use chocolate in a frosting bag. I had Sugar Daddy's to make stems, but they didn't stay in very well, and in the packing process, I took them out.
I learned that gel icing makes it impossible to put these in the cute treat bags. It sticks and leaves your face on the bag, not the cookie. So, the kids will have to make due with them being brought in on a platter. Hopefully they don't mind.