Sunday, October 9, 2011


David's daycare had a Trike-a-Thon last week to raise money for St. Judes Children's Hospital. They have done this since David started going there, but this was the first year that David could participate. I asked him if he wanted to, and he said yes...

really, did I think he would say no to riding his bike?

Nate had to work late that night, so I went to watch. They had blocked off some of the parking lot for the kids to ride back and forth in. Several of David's classmates participated, which made me happy. I didn't want him to be the only young one with the 5 year olds.

Before they started, they went over the rules (don't run over your friends) and said prayer. Miss Brenda blew the whistle and they were off!

Ready to go!

Listening to the rules
Waiting for the whistle
and he's off! (who needs pedals?)
Miss Lori trying to get him to peddle
Success (right after she walked away)!