Monday, January 31, 2011

Weather Chaos!

Apparently we are going to get some snow, or ice, or rain. All depends on the path of the storm. I hate that. Right now, it's looking like more ice than anything.  Small shift though, and we could be getting feet of snow.

We are right in the middle of the pink line, yay fun. According to the weather service, here is the storm impact:

     "Incredible ice accumulation with some towns/cities experiencing as much as an inch of ice. This is
     destructive and crippling amount of ice which will knock out power to potentially hundreds of thousands
     of customers for days if not weeks."

Fun, huh? Catostrophic is what the local media call this storm. A co worker went to the store after work today and there were no bananas. What does one do with bananas in an ice storm?

Nate and I are prepared. We have tons of fire wood, a portable propane heater and enough propane to heat for 3 days, and a gas water heater, so we can have warm water. We have food and plenty of blankets. Nate has his beer, and I'm pretty sure that's all he thinks we need. :)

So, if I don't finish my photo challenge on time, I think a natural disaster grants me more days if I loose power for weeks.