Friday, January 28, 2011

Photo Challenge : Day 12

A picture of your favorite day

This was another easy one for me, but it's not the day you think. It's not the day that David was born - that day was crazy and insane and I don't even remember parts of it. I had to be there at 6am, got stuck, poked, and prodded. Started at 8am, lost a lot of blood, Nate wen with David to NICU, I went to recovery and was alone with the nurse for an hour before I could call anyone. All I wanted was a nap, but nurses were in an out all day, family was in and out all day. My favorite day was not the day after he was born, or the week after. We had serious issues breastfeeding. David was not a happy infant those first 2 weeks. We supplemented, but he was never full and cried all day. He wouldn't nap while it was only us at home, but by the time Nate got home he was so tired from no napping all day and crying, that he would sleep. Nate probably thought I was crazy! My favorite day was the day that I finally broke down and gave him a full bottle of formula. That was the best day! He was happy, he was full, and I got the sigh that every parent wants to hear as he snuggled in closer to me. That was the day that I knew I could be a good mom and I have had a very happy camper since then. This picture was taken the 1st day we did formula for most the his feedings.