Wednesday, January 26, 2011

AT&T : Rethink Possible...rethink service

As part of our budget consolidation, Nate and I have made a lot of cuts. We go rid of satellite, we eliminated home phone service, and consolidated credit cards into 1 account. We knew that we could use Hulu to watch a lot of our shows and we have cell phones. The last thing we did was look at our Internet service and what cuts we could make there. No way were we going to eliminate it - I need the Internet! Here is where our story begins...
At the end of December, we called AT&T about changing our service. They said that UVerse would be the best bet for us. $15 a month and a faster connection than we currently had. Sign me up! We were sent our box, tech guy was sent out and we were on our way…Not. January 6th comes and we have no Internet service (well, no home Internet. Someone around us has an open connection that we have been “borrowing” from. It’s slow and unreliable, but I can still Facebook and blog.). Nate has spent countless hours on the phone to find out that we cannot have Uverse.  We are too far away from their box.  Sadness, but they agree to give us a $5 a month discount for 12 months for our trouble.  January 21st comes and we were supposed to have Uverse disconnected and DSL reconnected – not.  Uverse got disconnected, but we did not get DSL back. Nate again calls and spends hours on the phone to find out that the best they can do is the 25th. January 26th comes – still no service. I call, not so happy about my 3 weeks of no Internet. Customer service was horrible and they can’t do anything but schedule another tech, which we did for tomorrow.  So far we have taken 3 days of work off for this. If it’s not fixed tomorrow,  we’re going to suck it up and pay for cable Internet. It’s way more than we pay now, but I am so over AT&T!