Sunday, September 2, 2012

Rainy Weekend

The weather this weekend has sucked. It's been humid, cloudy, rainy since Friday evening. Gross. And no fun if you are 3 and want to play outside. Also no fun if you're the parent of said 3 year old who is driving you nuts.

We went to the Children's museum Saturday with our friends Matt and Mary, and their kiddos Alice and Ben. He had a blast playing with Alice, or at least playing in the same area as Alice. He also, after days of asking, got to see a crocodile. (I picked him up from school on day and he said he wanted to go find a crocodile. I asked where we would find one, he said the river. I asked where we would find a river, he said behind our house. For the record, there is no river behind the fence.) He was so excited!

Molley also enjoyed the museum, at least the parts where she had her eyes opened.

Today it rained harder and most of the day. By 3, I was tired of David asking to go outside, we we went outside and played in the puddles and the rain (no lighting, and we came in when it started to thunder.) He thought I was nuts saying he could play in the rain, but once he got out there, we both had fun running and jumping in the puddles.

It's so much fun doing the things with him that I did as a kid!