Monday, September 17, 2012

Back to Work

Well, the day came. Maternity leave is over, and back to work I go. 8 weeks does not seem like enough time.

I had mixed feelings about this day. I am so excited to see all of my friends at the River and to get back into the swing of things. I know my to-do list will be long, and it will be a few days (weeks) before I'm fully into the groove.

I am not so excited to leave Molley and David full time. I have grown to love our schedule at home and all of the things I was able to do with them both. It wasn't always easy, and they both got on my nerves at times, but they're mine and I love them. I know that we will still have our late afternoon and evenings together and that we will get into a new routine at home. As many of my mom friends have told me, the build up to the first day is worse than the day itself. I think they are right.

Getting ready to leave

In the car ready to go