Sunday, September 16, 2012

Outdoor Adventure

David is in a huge adventure phase. He wants to go on adventures everyday. Sometimes it's just finding a bug outside, and sometimes Nate comes up with things that are even more fun, like camping in your backyard.

The sweet set up

Even Molley came out for the fun.

We talked about doing this all summer. Alas it was stinkin hot. The weather is perfect now, so Nate thought they'd better do it before it got too cold.

Can I just say that when we told David what he would be doing, he was jumping up and down and kept asking us if he really got to sleep "in there".

The whole evening was a blast. We started a fire, roasted some hotdogs, and then made some smores.

We asked David to help Nate get some wood for the fire. He told us that he just had to do something. We turned around and found him standing on the deck just like this.

 He wanted his "friends" to come on his adventure. Just so you know who he invited, their is George, a bat, his baby, a frog lovey, and his blanket. He wanted to go get more friends, but we told him that he had enough.
As it got dark, we got him all ready for bed. He was no where near tired, and I came inside to get Molley settled, so who knows what time they went to bed. They did stay out all night, depsite my bet that they would be in before midnight.