Tuesday, August 21, 2012

1 month Old

Molley is 1 month old. Well, yesterday, but I'm just getting to this today. I wish I had a blog with David, because I would have done this too, but I have more pictures of David as a baby, so I'll call it even.

The bear will appear in all of her monthly pictures. It's the one David made for Molley on the day she was born. Notice the shoes. David told my mom that girls like shoes. Ha!

Age: Molley is 1 month old 
Weight: 10ish pounds - she wiggles too much on the scale to get an exact weight. 
Length: 21 inches 
Sizes: Molley just switched to size 1 diapers. She could still wear newborn, but they were getting a little tight. Newborn clothes still fit the best, but she can wear 0-3 month clothes too, even if they are a little big. 
Eyes: Dark blue 
Hair: Dark brown peach fuzz hair 
Sleeping: She does it, mostly during the day. She sleeps best when she is swaddled. 
Eating: She likes to eat, mostly at night. She is not consistant with how much she eats at a time. Sometimes its 1oz every hour, sometimes it's 4oz every 3. She is on formula and seems to like Enfamil Gentlease the best. 
Milestones: Nothing notable yet 
Memorable outings: Molley has been to the park, the zoo, the Children's Museum, church. I think her favorite so far was the park watching David play. 
Favorite toys/activities: Does screaming count? Just kidding. Molley loves being held, and she loves her playmat. 
Words/sounds: Again, screaming? 
Nicknames: Sweet Pea, Bright Eyes 
Funny moments: We love watching David play with Molley. It cracks me up when he looks at Molley, in all seriousness, and says "Molley, you have to eat so you can grow up and play with me." I think he has heard me tell Molley that she needs to finish her whole bottle more than once.  
Looking forward to: I'm looking forward to her sleeping more. Molley is probably looking forward to playing with her brother.