Friday, August 10, 2012

Eventful Times

The pas 3 weeks have been eventful in the Mott household. Let's recap.

We had a baby. Pretty big event. We love having Molley.

We started to adjust to having Molley. We struggled with feeding and getting her enough to eat. We tried different formulas, and we think that we have what will work for her and for us.

David started to adjust to being a big brother. He loves Molley. He asks to see her, to help feed her, and to hold her. All short lived, but he's still learning. When I see times like this, I know he's getting the hang of it.

Just as we were starting to get into the routine of things, I got sick. Molley was just 2 weeks old. It started on a Saturday with some pretty bad lower back pain and cramping. By the next day, my left side hurt so bad and I spiked a fever. We went to the ER thinking it was an infection from my c-section. So did the ER nurses and doctor. We all just assumed. They ran blood tests and did a CT scan. When the Dr. came back in, he told us it was not anything to do with the section, but instead diverticulitis. He started asking if I had heard of it before, or if I had issues before. No to both. He said a specialist would come in and talk to us, but I would have to be in the hospital at least over night, maybe 2 nights, but I was healthy and he thought 1 would be enough. The specialist came in and echoed what the ER doc said. He was concerned that I was on the younger end of people who get this, but still thought 2 days tops.

I was in tears. I was not ready to leave my babies. I knew my mom and sister would take good care of them, but I was so upset. Who wants to be away from their newborn that early, and not for something fun, but something forced.

We got a room and thankfully I had an awesome nurse, Mollie. She made sure that if I was going to be stuck there, I was going to get some sleep and make the most of it, and I did get sleep in between all of the vital checks, antibiotic changes, IV changes, shots, and blood draws. Mollie was so nice and took the time to ask questions about David and my Molley.

When the doc came in Monday afternoon, I was ready to go home. He said I was not. My fever was still present and my pain was not gone. Another night. More tears. My mom brought my babies up to see me though. I was on a liquid only diet, which is only cool for about 24 hours. Ice cream, sherbet and yogurt are not filling. Only good thing about another night was having Mollie again.

Tuesday I thought was my day. Wrong again. Still spiking fevers, so he ordered a repeat scan for Wednesday morning. Tears again. We decided to send Nate home with David because he was having a hard time with me being gone and not being at his home. He asked daily if I was better yet. Molley stayed with my mom and sister. Mollie was my night nurse again.

I was terrified of my scan. If they found any abscess, they were going to drain it then. I cried on my way down. I don't know why. I was scared, I wanted to go home, still hormonal. The CT guy was very nice and calmed me down. Nothing was found on the scan, so I went back up and waited for the doc. Maybe today was the day. Wrong again. Still had a fever, still had high white blood count, still had pain. Another night, but I got real food. No Mollie though. More tears.

Thursday I knew was my day. When I woke up, no fever. My nurse said my counts were great. We just had to wait and see what the doc said. Success! I got to go home, and on oral antibotics, not IV ones.

I never want to go through that again. What we thought would be just 1, maybe 2 nights turned into 4. I am so greatful that my mom and sister were able to help us out. Mom brought Molley to see me everyday, and Caiti got up with her every night. Nate was amazing and kept things up around the house, FaceTimed with me the nights he was home with David, and the mornings, and brought him to see me. Our kiddos were the favs amoung the nurses with David's "adventures" on the floor, and Molley being so tiny.

After discharge, we went to get David. I walked into his room, and when he saw me, he looked at me and ran over. He stopped just before me and said "you better now Mommy?"  "Yes baby, I'm better now" and he gave me the biggest and longest hug I have ever gotten from him. That made my day, week, month. We got Molley, and I could actually hold her without setting off my stupid IV. Then it was on to home sweet home.

3 weeks and lots of changes and events. We're kind of hoping that the next 3 weeks are boring. I want to enjoy the rest of my maternity leave with my babies!