Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Perfect Little Peanut

Molley is a peanut. I know to others she is normal size, maybe even big, but to us, she is a peanut. David was 9lbs 5oz, so we assumed that Molley would be similar in size. Imagine our surprise when she came out and they said she was 7lbs 6oz. Nearly 2 whole pounds lighter that her brother.

A comparison for you. David on his birthday

Molley on hers

At discharge she was down to 6lbs 12oz and borderline high with her billirubin levels. She was doing okay on wet diapers, but wasn't pooping. We scheduled her newborn visit with Dr. Rogers on her 1st full day home. She had gained an ounce, but still no poops. She said to keep up what we were doing, and suggested that we supplement some to help get things out. We did with David, so we started with Molley. She also wants me to go to a breastfeeding support group so we can see what Molley is getting when we breastfeed. I am hapy to report that with the supplementing, we have now had 3 poop diapers. She'll slowly start looking less yellow.

Life with a newborn takes some adjusting. Sleep is harder to come by and we have to get back in the routine of diaper changes and bottle cleaning. David has to get used to having a baby sister and that she's not ready to play with him just yet. She is adjusting to this crazy family she came into and, when she is awake, is looking around and taking it all in.

Depsite change and challenges, she is a perfect peanut. Who could resist falling in love with her?