Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Changing Family

Tomorrow our whole world will change. We will no longer be a family of 3, and will forever become a family of 4. We will have one son and one daughter. Our family will be complete.

This pregnancy has been so different than my pregnancy with David. More worries, more appointments, 2 trips to L&D.  You can read about both pregnancies here. (You can even see belly shots posted no where else.)

I tried not to take any day of this pregnancy for granted. I was hot, I was more uncomfortable, and more tired, but I didn't want to complain about any of it. I felt like if I complained, it was like telling people I didn't like being pregnant, or that I was ungrateful for being pregnant. I love being pregnant. It took us a long time to get here! I love feeling flutters, and kicks and rolling around, even when those kicks are into my bladder. :) I might not have loved getting sick, but it was all for the greater good of being able to hold my baby in my arms tomorrow.

There are things that I'm not looking forward to. I'm not looking forward to the recovery restrictions. Recovery with David was very easy for me, but it was very hard to not do the things I was not supposed to do. This time around, that means no carrying David. I love when he "needs me" and wants to be carried and he puts his head on my shoulder and holds on like I am the only person in the world. 4 weeks of not doing that. I worry that David will feel ignored, or that he will feel like we love his baby sister more. What if I don't love her as much as I do David, or I don't bond with her as well as I have him?

Ready or not, tomorrow at 4pm our c-section will start. Nate and I cannot wait to introduce her to everyone! Everyone is ready to meet her, to know her name and to see who she will look like. David is excited to meet her, but may be disappointed to learn that her name is not Rocket.