Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sprinkle for Baby Mott

A few weeks ago my sister and friend threw me a sprinkle for Baby Mott (okay, mom helped too). I love the idea of having a get together to celebrate baby. We celebrated David and I had secretly hoped someone would offer to have a party to celebrate our daughter. It wasn't about getting presents, it was just about feeling the love that is already there for our baby girl.

The decorations and food were amazing. Our friend, Nicole, made her cookies, which of course were amazing. Baby did get some wonderful surprises from friends and family. I look forward to trying to do what I did with David and take pictures of her using the things she received to send to the givers. They did a wonderful job. One day I will show all of these pictures to our baby girl to show her how loved she was before she even came into the world.

Yes, that is a chocolate fountain - yum-o!

The cookies Nicole made!
Nicole and her mom
Grandma Knight
The wishes and advice for baby
The proud older cousin, baby Lyla.
David came by towards the end to sample food and help open presents.
My mom and sister. Missing one though :(
David helping.
It's for baby sister!
Mott Women
4 generations, looking forward to getting a picture of my own soon.
It was a beautiful day and I loved every minute of it. Not much longer and I'll be introducing our daughter to the world!