Monday, September 26, 2011


Fall is in the air. A very nice change from the hot Indiana summer.

Fall also means apples from Tuttle's. We only live 5 miles away, and should go more often than we go. They have amazing produce, and of course, you pick apples. David loves this, so we decided to take our first trip of the year.

Could he be more excited?

Don't get between me and my apples!!


Looking for his next pick.

You coming?

Fall also means more hikes and trips to Ft. Ben. Before the big hike, he needed to take a break on the playground.

Sharing his juice box with mommy.

Let's go guys!

On the particular day, we had to bribe David to keep hiking. We told him that there would be a bridge. We didn't lie, and he loved it!

Walking back for promised cookie.