Monday, September 19, 2011

A day at the river

Nate and I recently went to visit his parents at their trailer on the Ohio River. Prior to David, we went a lot, but since having him, we have only been twice. Bad!

David loved being on the boat, though he hated the life jacket. He wanted us all to wear ours, but it got hot. (Thanks Sandy for keeping yours on!) David wanted speed!

Getting ready for the trip out.

Do I have to wear this?

Let's go!

Now, the main reason the boat is around is so that Doug can skate. David liked watching him go, and was jealous that he got to wear his shoes in the water!

When we got back to shore, David wanted to put his toes in the water. He will love me in 5 years for picking this picture to share.

We ended the day, after a short delay thanks to me locking my keys in my car, with a visit to Markwood Damn and locks. I had been in the locks, but never seen how they worked from up top. It was pretty cool. We told David that the barge was a "choo-choo" on water. He kept pointing to it saying "choo-choo barge". He thought it was neat to see it, but got bored. It takes about 20 minutes to get in, tie off, drain, and then get out. That's a long time for a little guy, especially since it's hard to tell that anything is happening while the water is draining. 

All in all, a fun trip. It's nice to go down when it's not really hot. The water creaps me out to get in. I like to see my feet, so it was perfect that it wasn't so hot that we needed to get in to cool off. I'm sure David would have loved to get in. Maybe next summer...