Saturday, July 20, 2013

1 year old!

Age: Molley is 1 year old
Weight: 23.5lbs (I'll get official stats on Monday)

Length: She wasn't very still today, but around 28 inches. 
Sizes: She is in size 4 diapers and in 12 month clothes.
Eyes: Hazel maybe?
Hair: The summer has lightened it up a lot. It's still brown, but much lighter
Sleeping:  It's a 80/20 split between sleeping all night and getting up. If she gets up, she just needs a couple of oz of water and she'll go back to sleep.
Eating: Finally found some sippy cups that she will use! She loves string cheese, and hates anything with much texture to it. Cereal is a favorite in the morning, and she will eat almost anything if David gives it to her.
Milestones: Last month she mastered sitting up from her belly. She is starting to pull up more now.
Memorable outings: She watched us bowl for the 1st time. Not as exciting for her. We've been out and about all summer long, and she loves to watch David and study everything around her.
Favorite toys/activities: Scooting and putting everything she can in her mouth. Taking toys that her brother loves in a new fun thing to do.
Words/sounds: dada, baba,
Nicknames: Sweet Pea, Molley-Molls, MuMu, Scooter
Funny moments: She doesn't like it if someone else gets something and she doesn't. If I'm hugging Nate, she sure as better be getting a hug too. She loves everything David does, even if all he says in boo. I love watching them play together.
Looking forward to: walking, talking

Happy birthday sweet baby girl!