Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Grandma's Vacation

My mom took a week off from work to spend time with her kids. Who am I kidding - to spend time with her grand-kids.

We started her vacation with a trip to Abe Martin Lodge. We got one of the family cabins and all stayed together. The weather was crappy, but mom and I hit up Nashville while the guys attempted to fish. We went swimming and all enjoyed the buffet. The next day, we did some walking, David rode a pony, and then the guys went home while mom and I hit up Edinburgh. It was a quick trip, but fun.

Molley enjoying her ride...

...or she just wanted to pull mom's hair.

Pony Ride!

 An attempt at pictures. I got some good ones of Molley, but David decided to wait until the rain came to come for pictures. 

The next day of vacation found us at the zoo. This time my sister and nephew joined us. Fun day!

Hopefully mom has enjoyed her mini vacation so far!