Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Barefoot Sandals

I hate buying shoes for me, but for some reason I have no problem spending money on shoes for Molley...a girl who can't even walk yet. Nate sees this as a problem, I see it as accessorizing. I mean, the girl doesn't have any hair either, so it's not like hair bows are high on our list now. Although, I may have a problem with those too. And cute little girl sun dresses. I digress.

I recently bought a pair of barefoot sandals online for $4. I loved them. They were soc cute on her little feet.

After I got them, I thought there is no way that these can be that hard to make. And they aren't. In fact, in my first attempt, it only took 15 minutes. Not to shabby.

In reworking my plan, I thought, there has to be  away to make these with interchangeable pretties on the top.  Velcro!

I gathered up my supplies and gave it a try.

-jersey material
-*hot glue gun
-pretties for the top

*I should note that you can sew these instead of hot glue. That was my initial plan, but I couldn't find sewing kit.

I lucked out with all of my materials. I found jersey on sale, and I only bought 1/8 of a yard in each color, which is enough to make like 25 pairs of shoes. I would have used an old t-shirt, but didn't have a black or a brown one. It was a whole $1.62 for the black and the brown. I also found all of my pretties in the clearance isle. They were about $1.50 each, and they all came in pairs. I already had the velcro, felt, and glue gun.

I used this tutorial, and made my adjustments, like hot glue instead of thread.

It's hard to see in my picture, but there are 2 pieces of felt with the strips glued between them. I attached the rough side of the velcro to the top of the sandal and the softer side to the pretty.

You can see from this picture that you'll have 2 strips of fabric that go under your gals feet and 1 that goes around her ankle. I tried to get pictures of her feet in each pair, but she had other ideas, like scooting after her brother's hex bug.

I made 1 pair of black and 1 pair of brown, and each have 2 different pretties that can be attached to the top. Not bad for about 20 minutes of time and a few bucks.