Tuesday, August 6, 2013

David and Mommy Time

Last year, I wrote this post. I was so worried about adding a baby to our family and what that would do to David.  (Turns out I should have been more worried about what it would do to my sleep schedule, but that is not the point.) I told myself that David and I would have all of this special mommy/David one-on-one time.

Then life happened.

It's not that David and I don't spend time together, because we do, and a lot of it. We go to the zoo, museum, Conner Prairie, parks, bowling.... It's that we don't get as much of that one-on-one time that I need with my ever growing baby boy.

Last Saturday we had our first outing together, alone. He was very concerned that we were not taking Molley with us. "She goes everywhere with us, mom." I know sweetie. We need to change that.

We started at Home Depot, yup, the hardware store. The first Saturday of the month they do a build clinic. Despite David thinking that only daddy can build stuff, we built a pretty darn good truck! Mommy did have the help paint (didn't know that would be an option, and we had other things to do!).

After our truck building, we went to Tuttle Orchards to pick up some corn and honey. Of course we had to take some time to play in the tractor.

Our last stop was for lunch. He "needed" ice cream, so we went to Culvers. I think he just wanted to see the water.

These outings will become more frequent, not only with David, but with Molley as well. I want them to remember the time he got to spend with both mommy and daddy together, but also that special one-on-one time that will be harder and harder to get as they get older.