Friday, October 26, 2012

A Trip North

Nate and I recently made our first road trip as a family of four. We traveled to St. Cloud, MN for a wedding. Nate's brother, Jon, tied the knot with Lynette. We are so excited to have a new member in the Mott family!

Prior to our trip, I decided that I wanted to make them something for a wedding gift. Something personal. I searched the net, aka Pinterest, for a project that sparked my interest. It turned out pretty well. In case the happy couple hated it, I also threw in a gift card so they could get something they needed. :)

What I started with

What I finished with

On trip day, we got up and were on the road by 6am. We could not have asked for two better kids to travel with. Made being in the car a dream, until the last 90 min. Molley reached her car seat limit at 12hrs. Still not a bad day of travel.
Wedding day we got up and putzed around in the morning before leaving for the church. The only wish I had for the day (besides a beautiful day for the bride and groom) was for 1 good family picture. Here is what I got.
Asking David if we can take his picture
Trying to get David to stand with Molley and I. In typical David form, he ignored me and I got irritated.
The best I got
At least Molley was happy
And for the family shot. This is the only one with out David moving. Nice.
Saturday was an exciting day for me! My friend from college, Kelly, and her family drove up to see us for a while. I was so glad they could come. We hadn't seen each other since right after David was born. Our oldest are around 2 months apart, and our youngest 6wks. It was so good to see her!!
Holding each others kiddo
And our own
We tried to get one with all of us. David was not having it.
I also go to meet two amazing May moms! We have been chatting through BabyCenter daily for over a year in a private group, and for a while prior in a public group. It so happens that one mom lives in St. Cloud (for now) and one in St. Paul. With 3 of us in one place, we had to meet. We chatted for 3 hours and could have gone longer. It was so good to finally meet the women who know me so well, even if we had never actually seen each other. We took a group shot, in which I got foreheads. I have short arms.  A girl at the coffee shop took some, and had us do "the time of our life" expressions.

Abby has longer arms that I do.

Sunday we got up early and traveled to Chicago. We decided to take David to Shedd on Monday. He had so much fun, though wanted nothing to do with us taking pictures of him.
After our visit inside, we walked on the boardwalk around Shedd and Adler Planetarium. Would you know that on the other side, there was a beach! Happy boy. He was wanted to go to the beach all summer.
It was a great trip! We will take David back to Shedd, and soon. I am not a fan of the hustle and bustle of Chicago, but for David is has all a boy needs - water, sand, fish, and trains. No boy could ask for more.

It was a great long weekend. We had 2 great travelers. We have 2 amazing kids!