Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

How do you eat your eggs?
Scrambled with cheese, please!

Do you volunteer?
Sure do! Nate and I volunteer to be youth leaders twice a month. It's so much fun!

What’s your favorite brand of jeans?
Whatever is on sale.

What was your child’s first word? Or what was your first word?
David's was "uh-oh". We heard momma and dada kind of, but not in calling us that, but uh-oh was used correctly everytime.

Can you french braid?
Sure can. Not as well on someone else, but I can do my own.

Do you prefer wide rule, college rule, or blank paper?
College rule

Is there a specific treat do you always make during the holidays?
Hmm...mom always makes fudge. I try out differen things every year, and have yet to find something that I love enough to make every year.

Do you have a KitchenAid mixer? Do you want one?
I do, and I love it!!

What kind of computer do you use?
Umm...a Dell at work, and a Gateway at home.

Favorite Christmas movie?
A Charlie Brown Christmas

10 on Tuesday