Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas has come and gone, and the Mott family did some celebrating! It was so much fun to see David light up. This was the first year he really understood what was going on with Santa. He was so excited to see if Santa ate his cookies, and what do you know, he did!

He had to wait a few minutes to open presents while Daddy finished showering, so he took in the sites.

Once he started opening, he threw away his trash after every present.  A boy after his mommy's heart.

He had so much fun opening, and never wanted to go onto the next present. He was to open and play with the one he just got.  Silly parents. We could have just gotten him the train calendar and called it done. :) Forced him on we did!

After all of his little presents (a calendar, a magnetic train book, the lunch box/puzzle, a camera, a shake 'n go Thomas, and a Thomas Pillow pet) we gave him his big present from Santa. He was so excited!

He was in love with it, and has been playing non stop since we got it all put together. Santa did a god job!

We also celebrated with family on a couple of different days. David enjoyed helping to pass out presents.

He was in love with the Pez candy that Uncle Jon got all of the kids. Here he is waiting to open the sugary goodness.

He got a talking Henry from Grandma Mott. LOVE!

He had fun opening presents with Justin too. Of course, who needs presents when you can play with the dog toys?

He got lots of cars and trains, and loved everyone one of them.

David had a wonderful Christmas and is a very blessed little boy. I'm sure he is already counting down the days until next year to see what he will get then.