Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

What are 3 things that are on your Christmas wishlist?
I don't have "things" on my list. I have all of the things I could ever want or need. I wish for peace, happiness, and love.

What’s your favorite Christmas song?
O Holy Night and Christmas Cannon by Transiberian Orchestra.

Do you have a favorite band or singer that sings it especially awesome?
I like Carrie Underwood's version of O Holy Night, but I'm not picky - I love them all.

Have you heard about the website goodreads?
Now I have. :)

What are 3 books you want to read?
Probably the Hunger Games books. I need to find time to read again.

Do you hunt deer?
Um, no. My uncles do though - a lot. They brought some meat to Christmas one year at moms house. She showed Bambi - awesome.

Have you started Christmas shopping? Are you completely finished?
I'm just about done. Only a few more things to pick up.

Did you shop on Black Friday? What was the best deal you got?
Technically, yes, but it was much later in the day. I got some make-up on super sale from Ulta.

What’s one holiday tradition your family has?
We always go to church on Christmas Eve. I rembember 1 year that we didn't and that was because snow kept us away. 6 inches in a couple of hours will do that. They used to have an 11pm service, and I loved it (hence why we didn't go with 6inches on the ground at 11pm - it got cancelled) Now they have a 5pm and an 8pm service. We go to 5 since it is for familes with little kids.

How many blogs do you read? Do you subscribe/unsubscribe often or do you purge every once in a while?
I follow 15ish. I haven't purged any yet. I subscribe to the ones and I like, and bookmark ones that I don't visit as often.

10 on Tuesday