Sunday, August 7, 2011

A look inside my head

I have been following a blog recently for some craft ideas. Kim is funny, and I've gotten some good ideas from her, such as the awesome menu board that I will be making soon. She recently had a post that was fun, so I decided to copy it. She did tell us that we could, and should. You should copy too!

Making :  That menu board. Well, starting. I have to get all of my recipes together first. It will get made, and you all will hold me accountable!

Cooking : Nothing now, but chicken tomorrow. Nate Says I only cook chicken. Tomorrow we are having BBQ chicken and corn casserole. Does it get better than that? Yes, it does...fried chicken, but Nate isn't a huge fan, so we don't get it often. Mental note, get KFC the next time Nate works late or has class. David loves popcorn chicken.

Drinking :  Water, but wishing it was a Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks, with 7 pumps, nonfat milk, and light ice. Yum-o!

Reading : Nothing. :( It's the start of a new school year, and I don't have time to read. Someday soon, I will pick up another book. I did read several this summer that I enjoyed.

Wanting : That Chai Tea Latte. Seriously, why did I have to write that? Now I have a craving that will only be cured by actually going to Starbucks.

Looking : Out the front window of our house. Nothing exciting out there. Just a car, some trees, and dead grass, thanks to our record breaking heat wave.

Playing :  Music from iTunes. Currently up That should be me by Justin Bieber. Yes I have a Justin Bieber song on my iPod. I am not proud of this. I only downloaded it because a.) it was free and b.) it features Rascal Flatts. Go ahead, laugh. Get it out of your system so we can move on. I'll wait.

Wasting : Time surfing and writing this post. I should be cleaning, or doing laundry, or heck, reading a book so I could post something better that nothing. Alas, surf and write this post it is.

Sewing : If you know me, you know I don't sew.  I have a very nice and magical tailor who fixes everything for me. I would marry her is I wasn't already married to Nate. She is amazing, and I should know since every pair of pants I ever buy go to her shop. Is it so hard to make pants for someone who is short? Petite pants are still too long.

Wishing : That I could spell better. Really, if you all could see the amount of yellow highlighting all over my screen prior to posting, you would be amazed. Even with spell check, I manage to post with spelling errors just about every time. When I was in Batesville, I got put in charge of the spelling bee. HUGE mistake! Kids were correcting my list of words for the initial test and bringing it back to me. You think they would have learned the first year and not let me do it the second year. They didn't.

Enjoying : Quiet. Nate took David for a while and there is nothing but Bieber and silence in the house. Again, I will wait while you laugh at the fact I am listening to a Bieber song.

Praying :  For God's guidance in my life.

Waiting : For Nate to get home with tonight's dinner, brats. He was craving them, and I don't have to cook them. It's a win win.

Liking : My boys. Who wouldn't?

Wondering : How I have made 100 blog posts. I lead a boring life. I shouldn't have that much to write about. It has been good for me to write again. I used to have a blog in college, but stopped in grad school when things got busy.

Loving : Crayola Color Wonder finger paints. These seriously have to be the best paints out there. David loves using them, and they don't make a mess, so mommy doesn't mind letting him make masterpiece after masterpiece. Here is his latest:

Hoping : To have another child sometime soon. I'm not done, and I hope God knows that he has put that not done feeling on my heart. I need to see another baby who looks something like this:

Marvelling : At how many times I say seriously.  I mean there has to be a better word, or at least one I could use in it's place to sound smarter. It probably comes back to the fact that I can spell seriously. Can you believe that I minored in English?

Needing :  A maid. I need someone to come in and tell me how to get organized and get me started on cleaning. I hate to clean. I hate dusting, and mopping, and I despise doing the dishes.

Smelling : Worms. It just rained here and after it rains, it smells like worms. Yuck. As a child, they would get on out patio and apparently they looked like snakes, and I would scream. Despite the fact that I used to collect toads, I am a girl and worms are just gross.

Wearing : My comfy pants and a Tshirt.

Following : Swagbucks on Twitter. I do nothing else with Twitter, but I do follow them to get a Tweet when codes come out. Seriously, if you have not joined, check it out. I get $10 a month in Amazon cards just for surfing and taking some surveys. Can you say Christmas presents?

Noticing : That when all is quiet in the house, the dogs prancing around with their little toes is really loud. I guess I don't always notice that with the TV on or David yelling. Man it's annoying.

Knowing : That I am loved and there is a plan for my life.

Thinking : That I should have coffee with an old friend soon. It's been too long.

Bookmarking :  Several sites with yummy recipes such as this May momma's site and this crockpot site. I am going to broaden my horizon and try different foods. Right after my BBQ chicken.

Opening : Emails from some of my favorite deal sites, Dealwise Mommy and Mojo Savings

Giggling :  Thinking about David and his strong desire to make sure that we love the water as much as he does. "COME, COME!" he yells as he grabs your finger. Don't think about not getting in the pool with him. If you don't he will scream "COME, COME!" and pull your finger harder. Nate finds this funny and will often have a bodily function to go along with the finger pulling. David does love his water!

Feeling : Blessed.  How could I not? I get to live with these guys! How lucky am I?