Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Day at the Fair

The Indiana State Fair started last week. Nate loves the fair. I could live without the smells. In the past, I have sucked it up and gone. This year, I wasn't totally feeling it. Nate really wanted to go, so he took David for a father son day.

The night before, I packed a diaper bag. I sent 4 diapers. David got 1 in the 8 hours they were gone. Nate said they were having too much fun. He had the stroller and backpack leash. David liked the backpack, without the leash. The boys were off for a day of fun while mommy went to work.

As I have said before, David loves trains. Nate decided that the only way to get to the fair this year, was to take the fair train. This was the only part of the day I wish I could have done. Nate said David was so excited that he was shaking!

Here is the train pulling into the station

and some shots of David on the train

The excitement did not stop there! David got to feed some animals and go into some pins to pet animals. Good thing Daddy took him, because mommy would not have let him go into any pin to pet an animal.

Into the animal barn they go

Nate said David loved this calf

Why go to the fair if you can't climb on some gates?

David liked feeding the goats, once Nate explained that the carrots were for them and not David.

I don't really want to look at the camera, dad. I'll do it, but I am not smiling.

There was also a play area set up for the kids to run around it. David had fun. Ignore the diaper hanging out. Nate changed the diaper after this. He also decided that snapping the outfit was no longer needed.

At 12:00, they were done and went to catch the train home. They missed it.

While they waited nearly 2 hours for the next train (engineer needed a lunch break), Nate thought it would be okay for David to play on the tracks. Again, good thing mommy was not there. David had fun walking on them, and mommy would not have let that happen.

There you have it. A father son day at the smelly state fair.