Saturday, August 6, 2011

David's Creek

As a little girl, we didn't have a million toys to occupy our time. Kids played outside and used their imaginations to come up with games. We had a yard, a swing set (you know, the old metal ones) and a creek than ran behind our house. We loved going back there and looking for tadpoles, and picking cat tales.  At night, we left water in our wading pool, wishing and hoping that we would get toads in the morning, and we usually did.

Sometimes, I wish things were still like that for David. We do our best to recreate that whenever we can. It is so much fun to see him figure things out and explore his surroundings.

The other night, we took him to Ft. Ben, our local state park. We go a lot, but this time, we decided to take David on a different trail - the trail that runs by the creek. At first, he was very confused, but followed us anyway. We walked and he saw the water almost immediately. There is one spot by a bridge that is perfect for wade in, and we made him wait until we got there. He was so excited! "Wawa momma, wawa!!" This particular point in the creek is very shallow and doesn't have too much of a current as other parts do. We jumped in right away and started splashing around. He would walk over the dam, where the water was to his knees, and back. He picked up rocks and threw them like daddy. He ran and splashed. He was wet and didn't care. He looked for fish and bugs. He entertained himself for nearly an hour with no toys, no TV, and no electronics. Just rocks, leaves, sticks, and bark. It was so much fun to watch him just have fun and be a kid. This will be repeated as many times as we can this year until the water gets too cold, and then we will be back in it next year as soon as it is warm enough.

Getting started

Going out further with daddy
I found a little rock!

Back over the dam

Watch mommy!
Big rock
Checking out his spider and caterpillar
My boys after we got home. Pooped.