Friday, July 8, 2011

Mini Vacation : Day 2

David had a rough night on Day 1. He woke up at 3:00 am scared. I awoke to "mom, ru (where are you), mom, momma, ru? Dad, ru, dad, dad, daddy, daddy, ru? This went on for a few minutes, and then became more desperate, so I went to get him. He snuggled down with me, for about 2 minutes, and then he was ready to go for the day. Since he was up, and we were all in 1 hotel room, we were all up. We finally got him to sit still watching a few movies, so Nate and I could get a little more sleep. By the time we left the hotel room at 7 am, he was a sleepy, crabby boy.  3 hours in the car to go.
It was a smooth car ride until we were 4 miles from the park. I tried to go to the hotel where my family was - it wasn't on the rode I thought it was, and in turning around - flat tire. Awesome. Thankfully Nate was able to get it changed (and later he and my dad went to get it patched) and we were back on our way.
Once at the park, David was ready to have fun. We were spending the majority of the day in the water park, and that boy loves water! He was cranky after his nap for a while, but he perked back up after a while.

Mom, did you know there was WATER here?





After several hours in the water park, we left my family and went to take David on some rides. We heard a lot of  "WEEEE" and "OH WOW!)




We're done?





We had a great day, and hope to go back again in the fall and do more rides. We weren't sure he would like them, but he did! It's a great park and very family friendly. Free soft drinks and suncreen too!
Totally worth visiting if you live close!