Friday, May 27, 2011


My baby is two today. TWO!! Can you believe it? I can't. It seems like just yesterday we found out we were pregnant and now my baby is turning 2.

We are so blessed to have him in our lives. He challenges us everyday in ways I never knew a toddler could. Well, I always knew that toddler tantrums would challenge, but he goes beyond those. He is inquisitive, active, loving, he loves to read and color. Cars, trains, and planes are the best things around. Animals are also a big hit. He is Mr. Independant, and wants to do everything by himself. I love him more than anything in the world! He was the best gift God could have ever given us.
Here is my baby on the day he was born. He was born via c-section at 8:25 am. David was 9lbs5oz and 21 inches long. This was when we found out we were having a boy, and he was not ready to come out, even though he was already a week late.

Here is my baby at 1.

And at two.

Happy Birthday, baby boy! Momma loves you always and forever!!