Sunday, May 1, 2011

30 Day Challenge 2 : Day 28

Something that stresses you out

This week...ISTEP. Why the state decided to force kids to take the test online is beyond me. At least if you are going to make them take it online, make sure that your system is working. Kids should not be kicked out of your system in the middle of the test. Depsite what you say, it will affect their scores. And thanks to Gov. Daniels for tying teacher pay to test scores, lower tests scores will really hurt my teacher friends (and probably me, but I'm not sure how you will tie test scores to my job as a counselor...but I am on a teacher contract.)

Maybe it's more than ISTEP. I worry about everything and don't always know the difference in when I am worrying about something and when I am stressing out about something. I get stressed when I think about what budget cuts will do to my salary. I worry if I am being a good mom and a good wife. I know that sometimes that worry turns to stress. I get stressed about money - having it and how we should best spend it. Nate thinks I have more stress and worry in my life than most, but if I don't stress and worry about it, who will?