Wednesday, June 1, 2011


David loves his swing. He thinks it is almost as cool as the pool and bubbles, and that is saying a lot. He would stay in that thing all day if we let him. Actually, no he wouldn't. He would climb in and make us help him out all day if we let him. Let me explain.
Recently, our neighboors children (2.5 and 3) showed David how to get into his swing all by himself. He watched and a few days later I looked over and he was all buckled in. I was shocked that he had done it by himself. He now refuses any help getting into the swing. He climbs in, gets turned around, finds the straps and buckles in. When he is done he screams "more, weee, weee". If I didn't have to undo the swing each time, I could watch him do that all day. He is so proud of himself everytime he does it. My parents have the same swing, but up higher. He was so mad that he needed help to climb in over there, but once in, he again refused all help. Mr. Independant.

I snapped this a couple of days after he started doing it on his own. He moves so quick, it's hard to get a good picture of him doing it on his own.