Thursday, May 14, 2015

Time flies...

SO much happened in March and April.

We listed our house, sold our house, and moved into a new house. ENORMOUS news.

The Easter bunny found our house. EXCITING news.

David started at a new school. CHANGING news.

David learned to ride a 2 wheeler, HUGE news.

Molley made a new best friend, AMAZING news.

David started playing baseball, SPORTS news.

All of these things and more, yet I did not make a single post.

I will not win blogger of the year.

We are loving our new neighborhood! There are kids - so many kids, so many laughs, squeals, smiles, and hugs. We have some pretty cool neighbors, a great location, and the prefect house for our family.

Most of these have made their way to Facebook, but here are some of the highs from the past few months.