Tuesday, February 24, 2015


So this happened.

After months of talking about it, weeks of prep, we finally signed a contract to sell our house!! I am excited and terrified all at the same time.

This house holds so many memories. I bought it on my own before Nate and I met. That's a BIG step for anyone! Then I met him and he moved in. For a brief stint, my brother-in-law even lived with us. We were married and came back to this house. We brought home 2 kids from the hospital here. We've seen first steps, heard first words, had many deep conversations here, and watched our kids become little people.

When I bought the house it seemed huge! I got a little smaller with all of Nate's things, then David's, then Molley's. We are busting at the seams - walking on each other (literally at times) and have no personal space. It is time to move.

We are crossing everything we can that our current house sells quickly! We are ready to start building memories in a new house and for David and I to be in the same district.

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