Monday, May 18, 2015

Straight from their mouths...

Conversations I want to remember...


A conversation had one Sunday morning after I told David that he was staying 5 forever.

David: No mom, it doesn't work that way. I will get older. I can't wait to be a parent.
Me: Oh! Why not?
David: So I can make my own rules.
Me: So what rules do mom and dad have?
David: Clean your room.
Me: Yes, but you aren't very good at that one.
David: No, but I'll still make my kids do it.


Molley: Sing, mommy! Sing!


David: Mom, when we move, we will have a new house, right?
Me: Yes buddy.
David: Where will our new church be?
Me: What?
David: Well, if we move houses, will we be too far away from our church to go there.
Me: No buddy, we will be closer.
David: Good mom. I like it there.


Me: David, what is your favorite part of our new house?
David: The basement!
Me: Why?
David: 'Cuz I get to play video games.
Me: Really?
David: Yup. Justin said so.

Ahhh...big cousins. :)


David: Mom, will you play baseball with me?

Always bud.
(Of course, it did take some time to convince him that I played baseball and mom was my coach. )


We recently went on a hike. My shoes had very little traction and the trail was very muddy. These words were uttered, but not by me. They were all said by Molley to me.

You alright?
Take my hand.
Watch out.


Molley: Mommy. I talk. look over there. Pretty. Bird singing. Flowers. Windy. Sunny. What that? Big tree. Fun walk.
A turn and big smile at me.
Molley: Talk mommy.


Molley: Sing, mommy, sing!

I love our new routine. I pick-up Molley and then we come to get David off the bus. We have about 30min every day for just us. It is spent singing in the car, dancing at home, and Molley worrying that we will forget David.