Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Big Boy Room

It's been official for a while - David is getting a little sister (You can read all about it here.). With the new arrival comes the need to have a nursery and a big boy room.  I love our nursery and didn't want to change a thing, which meant David was getting a new room!

We talked about this for months - colors, themes, furniture. David wanted green walls and airplanes. We got him to change the wall color to blue, since planes fly in the blue sky, and he was okay with that.

We got to work so that David was moved in my the deadline of June 1st. We traded beds with my parents so he had a trundle bed and used the space the 2nd mattress would be as storage for clothes. Nate painted, added a shelve and rack in the closet and reassembled the bed for me. I moved stuff over and set it up how I wanted it. The last additions were the wall decals. He was so excited to see his new room. "WOW MOM" "This is my big boy room". He wants nothing to do with his old room. "That's for babies". Let's hope he still feels that way in July!

David picked the stickers for his door

In his bed for the first night. I think he likes it!
We did make our deadline, the post is just late. He's been in his big boy room for about a month now. Once we get the nursery back together, I'll post pictures of that.