Friday, June 8, 2012

We've Got a Mission

In case you missed it, my baby is 3.

We celebrated as a family on his birthday and gave him his present; a big boy bike! He was so excited.

That night, we had cake at my moms house. David also loves cake!

Maybe not so much Unlce Adam sneaking in for a picture. David wanted his cake!!

Last weekend we celebrated David's birthday with his fiends. He choose to have a rocket party, aka Little Einstein's. I had grand ideas for this party - themed food and tons of decorations. Turns out, very few places make decorations for Little Einsteins anymore, and themed food was more complicated than I thought. Nate reminded me that at the end of the day, it's a party for 3 year olds and it doesn't matter if everything is perfect. The only thing that matters is making a special day for David. He was right.

The entire morning David was with my mom and told everyone that it was his party day. People sang to him, gave him balloons, someone at the farmers market even gave him an apple. He was a happy little boy.

By party time, he was so ready to play with his friends. He hugged his friends when they arrived and made sure they knew it was his party. The blew bubbles, threw balls, went down slides, and ran around. It was fun to watch them all play together, decently well.

David did great opening presents. He gave a hug or high fived everyone after opening his present from them. So cute! I think he was most excited about having his friends sing to him and blow out candles. We did that twice since 1 kiddo was in the bathroom when we did it the first time and I didn't know it.

It was a fun day, and David definitely had a special day. Photo bomb shall now commence.