Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Three years ago...

Three years ago today, I married my husband, Nate. It was one of the best days of my life. In such a short amount of time, so much has changed for me, for us. Let's go back...

Four years ago, I was living with my parents. I worked for two years in Batesville, IN at the intermediate school there. It was a good job. I also coached cheer at the high school. I wasn't happy though. I may have only moved 90 minutes from home, but it was a small town and I didn't know may people. The summer of 2006, I found an opening for my current job, applied, and here I am. I lived with my parents for about 6 months until I found a place of my own.

While living with my parents, I was also looking for love. It's not as easy to meet people in the real world as it was in college, so I turned to the internet. I met a few people, but nothing promising. Then I came across Nate's profile. Let the world know, I winked at him first! We talked for 2 months before I gave him my number. I knew there was something different about him, and I wanted to be in my own place before we met. No one wants to take a date back to there parents house.

We met on April 14, 2007. We went to Outback, but it was crazy busy, so, despite my gut telling me I shouldn't, I got in his car and he took me to a hole in the wall Italian place that everything thought (and still thinks) is a cover joint for the mafia. The food was really good, but they didn't accept credit cards. The owner is a grandpa figure. He would give us an IOU. I had my check book, so we took the safer route. Starbucks was up next. We talked for a long time, then he took me back to my car, only, I never got in. We ended up back at his place and stayed up all night talking. Great first date. I haven't been able to get rid of him since. He moved in with me shortly after, although we will tell David that he was "just spending the night with mommy."

Nate proposed Septeber 15th, 2007 and we were married on March 8th, 2008. It was an amazing day, depsite the snow, lost keys, and missing guests. My dad remembers how confident I was in what I was about to do - no questions. I wanted to get the show on the road and marry him already. He laughs because my sisters both asked him if they were doing the right thing, and they are usually the ones who are more confident in their decisions.

I look back and think how lucky I am to have found love in this crazy world, and I thank God everyday for bringing Nate into my life. Happy Anniversary honey! Here's to many, many more sappy blog posts and sappy cards.