Thursday, March 10, 2011

Things that bug me Thursday

I'm crabby. The weather has been cold and rainy for days now. I can't remember the last time I saw the sun. The kids at school are ready for spring break. Little do they know that the staff was ready a month ago.
This crabbiness brings me to the things that bug me.  Usually I can just ignore them and go on with my day, but when I'm crabby, I complain.

1. You are supposed to walk facing traffic, not with traffic. This is so you can see cars coming. You should also not wear dark clothes if you are walking and it is dark out. People cannot see you.

2. You are supposed to ride your bike with traffic. You are also to follow traffic laws, meaning that stop sign is meant for you to, buddy.

3. The turn signal is in your car for a reason. Use it.

4. If you are going to wait for my parking spot, that is fine, but please note that the word wait. If I walk out with a stroller, shopping bags, and a toddler, it may take me a few minutes to get everything in my car. The more you honk at me to hurry up, the longer I will take.

5. I will not go faster just because you get closer to me. In fact, I may slow down. This is especially true in a school zone. Back off dude.

Okay, I feel better.